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A nourishing face oil that absorbs quickly, enriching your skin with some of natures most potent antioxidents and vitamins. Best applied in evenings to clean skin still damp from washing or toning.


This face oil does not contain preservatives or synthetic fragrances. It is carefully produced in our studio in small batches utilising fresh and very high quality, raw botanical ingredients.


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  • A deeply nourishing face oil designed for dry, tired or mature skin. Rich in rosehip and argan oils, this potent serum will nourish your skin, adding a powerhouse of natural of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. May assist with the natural healing of damaged skin and fading of age spots, scars and old wounds. 


    Featuring the very special essential oil of helichrysum italicum, (otherwise known as "immortelle") it is traditionally known for its ability to support cell regeneration and tissue healing. It is considered among the best for beautifying and soothing skin and also for healing cuts, bruises, scrapes, rashes and burns while stimulating skin cell regeneration. We are grateful to have sourced a very high quality and certified organic essential oil from a small grower near Croatia and close to the adriatic sea.

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