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A bespoke blend of 100% organic, botanical oils designed to groom the beard, protect hair quality and nourish delicate skin below. Drop a small amount onto fingertips and massage through beard as needed.


This beard oil does not contain preservatives or synthetic fragrances. It is carefully produced in our studio in small batches utilising fresh and very high quality, raw botanical ingredients.



  • Rich in Argan, Coconut and Castor oils, this serum delivers a boost of rich vitamins and nutrients to the beard hair and hair shaft, promoting strong healthy growth without breakages or splits. Utilising anti-microbial castor oil which is extremely beneficial for use against follliculitus and dandruff. Argan oil softens the hair, making it easier to comb & style and conditions the skin beneath. Botanical black cumin seed oil helps to regulate pores and prevent clogging. This black cumin contains an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin, has excellent antioxidant activity and is widely famed for its anti-acne and anti-aging properties.


    A honey warm scent with notes of cedar and frankincense, conjuring up dusky campfires, damper and barrel aged whiskey. It's a beard oil, skin soother and light fragrance rolled into one small magical bottle.

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